Our Approach

LncRNAs – The Science

Long non-coding RNAs, or lncRNAs, are a large and untapped class of disease-causing targets.  The non-coding portion of the genome, commonly referred to as “dark matter”, is dynamically active, generating thousands of therapeutically unexplored targets.

LncRNAs account for 27% of non-coding RNA genes, which make up two thirds of all genes.

Discovery Engine

LncRNAs offer an enormous opportunity as a novel target space to be explored, and at Flamingo, we believe we have the solution with antisense modulation to properly drug these targets.

Our proprietary discovery engine FLAME – which stands for Flamingo LncRNA Antisense Mining Engine – is perfectly suited to mine the “dark matter” of the genome, exploit lncRNA biology, and identify targets that are exquisitely sensitive to antisense modulation.

Flamingo has developed proprietary tools and methods to identify the right target and apply our proven antisense chemistry to create targeted cancer therapies.

Our Product Candidates

Levering the breadth and depth of our team’s expertise in RNA therapeutics and cancer drug development, we have the largest antisense RNA-targeting oncology portfolio with promising programs against “undruggable” targets STAT-3, Androgen Receptor (AR), IRF4, MALAT1, SAMMSON, and others.

Our Pipeline

Flamingo’s focus is on the development of RNA-targeted therapies for difficult to treat cancers.


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