About Us

Targeting Undruggable Cancer Targets
with RNA Therapeutics.

Our company was built upon our deep experience and know-how in RNA therapeutics and we are well-positioned to advance candidates against targets considered “undruggable”, using RNA chemistries. We are focused on advancing our clinical pipeline for large unmet oncology indications where we believe RNA-targeting can be successful.


Stéphane van Rooijen
President and Chief Executive Officer
Andrew E. Denker, MD, PhD.
Chief Medical Officer
Mark Gidjunis
Vice President Finance & Corporate Controller
Susan MacIntyre
Head of Clinical Operations
Morgane Perdomini
Director Development

Board of Directors

Christopher K. Mirabelli, Ph.D.
Benoit Barteau
Board Member
Tine Bekaert
Board Member
Remi Droller
Board Member
Ezra Cohen
Board Member
Georges Gemayel
Board Member
Henry Skinner
Board Member
Stéphane van Rooijen
President and Chief Executive Officer

Scientific Advisors

Jean Christophe Marine, Ph.D.
Pieter Mestdagh, Ph.D.
Arul M. Chinnaiyan, M.D., Ph.D.

Partners and Investors

We have a strategic partnership with Ionis Pharmaceuticals, the leader in RNA-targeted therapy,
and we are proud to be supported by well-known biotechnology investors.