Flamingo Therapeutics to Present at BioCapital Europe 2022

March 7, 2022|

Flamingo Therapeutics., a biotechnology company pioneering RNA-targeting therapies in oncology, today announced that Mike Garrett, Chief Executive Officer and Rob MacLeod, Chief Scientific Officer, will participate in a fireside chat at the Chardan Virtual 5th Annual Genetic Medicines Conference...


Can Cancer Be Treated by Changing Its Cells?

March 26, 2022|

In 2017, Karen Kostroff, a renowned oncology surgeon at Northwell Health in the New York Metropolitan area added a new talking point to her standard conversation with breast cancer patients facing tumor removal surgery. These conversations are never easy, because a cancer diagnosis is devastating news...

The dark matter of the genome: Flamingo Therapeutics taps potential of mysterious RNA for cancer therapies

October 21, 2021|

Flamingo Therapeutics was born out of a collaboration between three partners in Flanders – VIB, UGent and KU Leuven – and the University of Michigan in the US. “The foundations of the company were laid in 2016, when the research groups of prof. Pieter Mestdagh at UGent and prof. Jean-Christophe Marine at VIB and KU Leuven published a paper revealing a connection between...

Leuvense biotechstarter mikt op nieuwe kankertherapieën

October 15, 2021|

Flamingo werd vorig jaar opgericht als spin-off van het Vlaams Instituut voor Biotechnologie (VIB), de KU Leuven en UGent, maar opereerde tot nu toe onder de radar. Met een verregaande alliantie met het Californische biotechbedrijf Ionis treedt het bedrijf nu naar buiten...

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